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Construction Project of Oriental Dreamed Railway Park

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 I. Project Name

Construction Project of Oriental Dreamed Railway Park

II. Project Implementation Agency
Adminstrative Committee of Xi��an Textile New Block Development Zone

III. Project Description
The project, 50 meters of both sides of the specialized railway of textile city, connects Haihang Dahua and Xianning Road from south to north. It has a covered area of 390 mu and is planned to build a railway theme park integrating science popularization, leisure, business and commemoration significance. The park is full open and it mainly has seven functional areas, namely, railway sightseeing shuttle, train museum, wedding theme area, brand business area, supporting food area, high-end amusement area and music performance area.

IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form
Total investment of the project is RMB 800 million. Cooperation form: sole investment, joint venture or cooperation.

V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return
The project is closely adjacent to the business circle of third ring road (E), Buzi Village, subway station and main truck road of the city. The traffic in surrounding area is developed and the business atmosphere is strong and the person flow is dense. The special resource such as industrial site scenery is rich. After the project is completed, it can provide special tourism consuming products, greatly better the image of old plant of textile town and create a new mode of reconstruction of old city area.

Contact Unit: Economic Development (Investment Promotion) Bureau under Administrative Committee of Xi��an Textile City Development Zone

Contact Person: Guo Xiaoya��Zhao Nan
Telephone: 029-83591699
Address: No. 9, Binhe Park Road (S), Baqiao District, Xi��an City
Postal Code: 710024