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Development Project of Ankang Yinghu Lake Ecological Tourism Area

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 I. Project Name

Development Project of Ankang Yinghu Lake Ecological Tourism Area

II. Project Implementation Agency
Administrative Committee of Yinghu Lake Ecological Tourism Area

III. Project Description
The total area of Yinghu Lake scenic area is about 102 km2, of which, the water area is 77.5 km and the perimeter is 540 km. the volume is 2.58 billion m3 and depth before the dam is 94 meters. The average width of the lake is 400-500 m. the depth at the Lanhe section is 85 meters and the width of the surface of the lake is 1.5 km. there are 40 islands and over 90 channels to be developed.
Development of ecological tourism in scenic spot along Yinghu Lake, first, the construction of infrastructure project shall include construction of comprehensive service facility, improvement of road and dock, construction of footpath around lake, drainage, sewage treatment, greening & environmental sanitary engineering, identification system and alteration of folk houses in tourist area in the south of Shaanxi. Second, key project shall contain health maintenance, households in Qin-ba Mountain, landscape show, underwater experience, lakeside vocational town, high-end theme hotel, waterfront households, yacht, high-end vocation estate and small dynamic airplane etc. at present, the plan, design and study feasibility report of the scenic area has been prepared.

IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form
Total investment of the project is RMB 1 billion. Cooperation form: sole investment or joint venture.

V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return
After the project is completed, the annual tourist reception capacity can reach over 500,000. The tourism comprehensive income of RMB 300 million Yuan will be realized. The investment recovery period of the project is 10 years.

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