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Tourism Development Project of Tongwan City and Along its Line

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 I. Project Name

Tourism Development Project of Tongwan City and Along its Line

II. Project Implementation Agency
Jingbian County Bureau of Cultural Sports and Broadcasting Bureau

III. Project Description
Tongwan City, located in Hongdunjie Town of Jingbian County, is the capital city of "Large Xia Dynasty" founded by Helian Bobo, leader of Huns in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. In the surrounding area, there are unique natural landscape such as Shenshu Stream and Shenshui Ditch. The project intends to develop the tourism along Tongwan City, covering Huns Culture Plaza, history museum, national customs park, film base, Shenshui natural landscape, millennium magical tree, new energy comprehensive utilization and sightseeing, Wuding River rafting, and leisure resort, etc.

IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form
Total investment of the project is RMB 2 billion Yuan. Cooperation form: sole investment or joint venture.

V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return

After the project is completed, it is estimated that the tourist reception capacity is 100,000 and the economic benefit is considerable.

Contact Person: Ren Xiaochun (Director of Yulin Investment Promotion Bureau)
Telephone: 0912-4643103