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Construction Project of Technological Cultural Industrial Park of Jinghe New Block in Xixian New Area

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 I. Project Name

Construction Project of Technological Cultural Industrial Park of Jinghe New Block in Xixian New Area

II. Project Implementation Agency
Jinghe New Block Administrative Committee of Xixian New Area

III. Project Description
The construction content includes animation science and technology research and development base, animation experiencing park, amusement project, food square, wedding base, folk-customs towns, performance square, economical hotel, shopping mall and other business service facilities, staff dormitory, dining hall, delivery warehouse, maintenance workshop, other supporting buildings and facilities required by the project management and maintenance, office building and SOHU products, Mancheng project and 2 high rise buildings. The core area of science and technology cultural industry park is focusing on five theme park of construction of culture story, science and technology experience, water amusement, dreaming world and scene simulation and supported facilities.

IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form
Total investment of the project is RMB 15 billion. Cooperation form: sole investment.

V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return
The project has broad consumption market and it will bring huge economic and social benefit for this block. It is the important carrier for Jinghe New Block to build great Xi��an, the activator to promote the fast maturity of of Jinghe New Block and the approach to promote the industry cluster and realize industry upgrade and transformation. The completion of the project will greatly improve the investment environment of new block, which is conducive to retaining high-end talents. It lays a solid foundation for the sustainable economic and social development of new block and it greatly promotes the comprehensive development of Jinghe New Block.

Contact Person: Wang Linlin
Telephone: 029-36201851
Address: Jinghe New Block, Xixian New Area