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Construction Project of Yaozhou Porcelain Culture Industrial Park

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 I. Project Name

Construction Project of Yaozhou Porcelain Culture Industrial Park

II. Project Implementation Agency
Administrative Committee of Huangbu Industrial Park of Tongchuan City

III. Project Description
Covering an area of 80 hektare in Huangbu Industrial Park in Tongchuan City, the project is planned to build: 1. porcelain culture park (heritage park), including Yaozhou Porcelain Museum; 2. Yaozhou Porcelain Heritage Exhibition Hall; 3. Porcelain originality park, master park, experiencing park; 4. Modern porcelain museum; 5. porcelain city and 6. Porcelain god temple.

IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form
Total investment of the project is RMB 3 billion Yuan. Cooperation form: joint venture or cooperation.

V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return
After the completion of the project, it has actively promotion to the fulfillment of state industrial policies and speed up the development of Yaozhou Porcelain Culture industries as well as the related industries.

Contact Person: Gao Dexi
Telephone: 0919-7187298
Address: Former Casting Workshop of Tongchuan City Steel Plant, Huangbu Industrial Zone
Postal Code: 727001