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Construction Project of Bonded Logistics Warehouse of Xi��an Comprehensive Bonded Zone Stage I

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 I. Project Name

Construction Project of Bonded Logistics Warehouse of Xi��an Comprehensive Bonded Zone Stage I

II. Project Implementation Agency
Xi��an International Inland Port Bonded Logistics Investment Construction Co., Ltd.

III. Project Description
The project is planned to build 2 standard warehouses with 20,000 m2 each at the confirmed planned position in Xi��an Comprehensive Bonded Zone including supporting office and daily facilities. The land reservation has been completed and the condition for land delivery may reach seven supplies and one level. The overall layout of the park has been confirmed.
The project will provide a development platform for foreign-related enterprises involving bonds, storage and international trade etc. it will attract the enterprise engaging in international business and international forwarding agent to reside. Through the core functions such as bonded goods and multi-mode transport and handling the documents in the district, it provides a convenient condition for enterprises to engage import and export business, save the time, capital cost and improve the international competitiveness.

IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form
Total investment of the project is about 150 million Yuan. It is planned to adopt BT for construction and it includes declaration, design, survey, civil works, decoration, scenery (excluding land requisition), etc.

V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return
The investment recovery period of the project is about 5-8 years and the average profit rate of investment is estimated to be 7-10%.

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