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Construction Project of International Express Transfer Center of Xixian New Area

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 I. Project Name

Construction Project of International Express Transfer Center of Xixian New Area

II. Project Implementation Agency
Airport New Block Administrative Committee of Xixian New Area

III. Project Description
The project is planned to select the site at the international aviation logistics hub of the airport new block of Xixian New Area. The use of the land is 500 mu and the total construction area is 250,000 m2. It comprises of south block and north block. It has seamless connection of the south block and airport. It is planned to develop the international express business by using one-stop customs. Relying on the advantages of the comprehensive traffic hub, it is planned to develop northwest express transfer center. Relying on transfer advantages of airport, it focuses on the development of air express and mail and promotes the common development of airport industry.

IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form
Total investment of the project is RMB 1 billion. Cooperation form: sole investment or joint venture.

V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return
Relying on the convenient tridimensional traffic system of the international airport logistics hub of Airport New Block, combined airline, railway and highway transportation, it is planned to attract famous express to reside in, strengthen the competitiveness of international express in West Region. Meanwhile, it will promote the quick development of the international logistics, electronic information, medical care and surrounding industry. It is estimated that the investment recovery period is 8 years. The internal rate of return of the project is 15%.

Contact Person: Zhang Qing
Telephone: 029-33636692
Address: Airport New Block, Xixian New Area