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Working bodies and responsibilities of the Executive Committee

DateTime:2017-05-21 09:33 Views:[5503]

1. Office. Be responsible for overall planning, comprehensive coordination, secretarial, conference, finance, information services, document management, data management, logistics support and so on.

2. Exhibition Department 1. Be responsible for on-site unified management of the main venue, be responsible for the exhibition of exhibition halls of domestic provinces and cities in China, Shaanxi Museum of China, strategic emerging industry hall, logistics and information industry hall, smart living museum, Silk Road featured product museum, equipment manufacturing industry museum and green development museum; be responsible for publication of exhibition design and construction; guide the on-site management of trade fair for scientific and technological achievements of the Silk Road.

3. Exhibition Department 2. Be responsible for Exhibition of the Silk Road International Pavilion, Silk Road Tourism Culture Exhibition and the Silk Road Trade Exhibition, and guide the on-site management of Silk Road Tourism Culture Exhibition and the Silk Road Trade Exhibition.

4. Activity coordination department. Be responsible for organization and implementation of main activities; Guide, coordinate and collect investment promotion activities of provincial departments and municipalities; be responsible for organization and coordination of province theme activities and investment promotion activities of other provinces, regions and municipalities; assist to invite domestic and international and provincial customers.

5. Investment negotiation department. Be responsible for organization and implementation of the contract signing ceremony; be responsible for collection and screening for investment projects, promotion and exchanges, achievements statistics, collection and publishing of investment information, online negotiation, appointment matching, tracking and implementation of contracted projects.

6. Invitation and reception department. Be responsible for organizing and inviting domestic and foreign customers, receive delegations of provinces, municipalities participating in the exhibition, Chinese and foreign guests, overseas customers and group; be responsible for activities of the guest of honor and related work; be responsible for customer registration and health and epidemic prevention work.

7. Security department. Be responsible for security work.

8. Publicity department. Be responsible for the establishment of the news center, planning, internal and external publicity, Internet publicity, media publicity, and ground publicity (including plane publicity and fluid publicity) and preheating publicity; be responsible for invitation and reception of Chinese and foreign media.

9. Inspection department. Be responsible for supervision, investigation and anti-corruption work, carry out all-round inspection on the Expo for the whole process, at the same time, carry out satisfaction market research on professional audience, exhibitors and customers via the relevant government departments, experts and institutions and third party in society.

10. Volunteers department. Be responsible for social services, customer reception services, exhibition service, and social publicity work during the Expo.