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Regulations of Inspection and Quarantine for ...

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Regulations of Inspection and Quarantine for Overseas

Exhibition Goods Entering Shaanxi Area


Article 1 The regulations are enacted with a view to supporting Shaanxi Province’s opening up, ensuring overseas expos and fairs and other foreign conventions and exhibitions to be held smoothly, inspecting, quarantining and supervising exhibits run by organizations of foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan participating in expos and fairs in Shaanxi, according to Law of the People’s Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection, Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Entry and Exit Animal and Plant Quarantine, Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Frontier Health, Law of the People’s Republic of China on Food Safety and other laws and regulations as well as relevant requests for conventions and exhibitions proposed by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Inspection of the People’s Republic of China.


Article 2 Scope of inspection: Entry goods and packing materials and means of transportation for participating in expos and fairs held in Shaanxi area.


Article 3 The quality section of Shaanxi Provincial Administration of Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine (SPAEEIQ for short) is responsible for the general coordination of the entry and exit goods run by organizations of foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for participating in the expos and fairs in Shaanxi, contact with sponsors and hosts of the expos and fairs in Shaanxi. Relevant sections, branches and offices of SPAEEIQ are in charge of the detailed inspection and quarantine of the goods, declaration, exhibits inspection and quarantine on the spot and samples handling after the expos and fairs.


Article 4  For expos and fairs concerning entry and exit goods, the sponsor or host should contact in advance with SPAEEIQ, submitting documents about the schedule, time, scale and exhibits classification. Please apply for your special requests ahead of schedule.


Article 5 When the exhibition goods enter Shaanxi, the consignor or agent should declare SPAEEIQ for inspection with relevant documents (the goods list and the certificate, bill of lading, waybill approved by the government), indicating whether they will be sold. The goods packed with wood should be made sanitation disposal and marked by IPPC supervised by the quarantine department of the government of exporting countries and regions. Relevant quarantine approval process should be submitted for the animal and plant and products involved in quarantine approval. The procedures should be handled for the entry exhibits of old mechanical and electrical products according to Announcement No. 145 of 2014 issued by General Administration of Inspection, Quarantine and Supervision. The compulsory certificates should be submitted for all the entry exhibits listed in the compulsory product certificate. Should exhibits be up to the exemption conditions, the exemption certificate should be submitted. SPAEEIQ will issue Import Goods Declaration Form in line with relevant regulations.


Article 6  When the entry exhibition goods are sent to storage location, SPAEEIQ will inspect them on the spot, handling the entry containers, checking IPPC for the wooden package, and sampling the entry goods according to the related specifications. The exhibits cannot be sent into any pavilion until they are inspected and quarantined qualifiedly or passed the quarantine treatment on the spot.


All the unqualified entry exhibition goods that cannot be treated correspondingly should be returned home or destroyed.


Article 7 During the exhibition, the entry exhibition goods should accept the supervision and management of SPAEEIQ and be used for exhibition only, and may not be converted for another use without the permission. After the exhibition, the consignor or agent should decide whether the entry exhibition goods will be returned, sold or destroyed by the supervision of the inspection and quarantine personnel. The fair host and sponsor shall actively cooperate with the inspection and quarantine work and provide the necessary convenience.


Article 8 The returned exhibition goods that need quarantine certificates issued by official organization, should be submitted to SPAEEIQ for inspection before leaving Shaanxi area, and could be granted to exit after the quarantine or sanitation disposal is qualified and certified by relevant certificates.


Article 9 Goods used for sale or present will be confirmed as commodity and should be submitted to SPAEEIQ for approval and the second declaration. The goods cannot be sold until they qualify the conditions.


Article 10 The quality section of SPAEEIQ should take the initiative to learn the time, scale, goods involved and other specific requests of the expo and fair after received the participation requirements from sponsor, issue the inspection and quarantine notice to the exhibitors in accordance with the specific conditions of inspection, quarantine and requirements, so that the exhibitors and sponsors could smoothly cooperate with the inspection and quarantine work. At the same time, the quality section will inform the sections concerning the exhibition goods of relevant circumstances of the expos and fairs timely so that they could make necessary preparation as soon as possible.


Article 11 According to expo and fair scale and specific requirements, if necessary, SPAEEIQ will set up a leading group headed by branch leader of the administration and composed of relevant members of the quality section and other business offices to regulate the exhibition goods inspection and quarantine. The group has an office composed of inspectors from relevant sections for business consultation, inspection, quarantine and supervision on the spot so as to provide clients with good, convenient and effective service.