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Participant Guide

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I. All the delegations and clients should organize relevant activities in accordance with the general plan of 2016 SRIE & the Twentieth ITFCEW and other specific regulations, and obey and coordinate the executive committee’s arrangements on the spot.

II. All the delegations and clients are welcome to participate in the investment and trade promotion activities. Please contact with the hosts in advance so as to make good preparations and improve the effectiveness.

III. During the occasion, the digital service platform provides such service as information online, exchange and matching online, oriented advertisements for business information, information consultation, booth service, LED electronic screen, SMS and Wechat.

IV. Every delegation should designate a specially-assigned person to receive papers. One paper could be used for only the one person. Any transferring is prohibited.

V. Any booth transferred, rented, and set up without permission, and any forged and inferior commodity is prohibited. Any traders are forbidden to stall in the halls. Please take care of the public property, abide by the rules on the spot, safeguard the public order and environmental hygiene, and keep no smoking in the pavilions.

VI. The staff and vehicles should obey the regulations. The staff could go through the entry and exit, and the vehicles the special routes, and park according to relevant rules.

VII. The executive committee has organized some interpreters to serve the domestic and overseas guests at Xi’an Qujiang International Conference and ExhibitionCenter.

  VIII. The security work, especially preventing from fire, steal, explosion, destruction and accident should be attached great importance. It is strictly forbidden to take dangerous articles into the pavilions. Please take good care of your exhibits and valuables as well as personal safety when outside.